Firenze Arti Visive offers studentís independent housing in beautiful apartments with double and a limited amount of single occupancy bedrooms. This is a wonderful experience and great way to learn the about the city and Florentine living. Shopping at the local grocer, having your morning cappuccino at the local bar and meeting your neighbors are all the little things that will make you feel right at home in Florence.

All Firenze Arti Visive apartments have kitchens and bathrooms and are fully equipped with refrigerators, stoves, heat, and hot water as well as sheets, blankets, pillows, dishes and cooking pans. Our apartments represent the best of student living in Florence and are situated in the most beautiful parts of the historic center and within walking distance to the school.

You will receive your housing information on the day of your arrival. It is important to know that the apartments do not have telephones. We have arranged for students the opportunity to rent cell phones at a special discounted rate. This allows each student to have his or her own telephone and be reachable at all times. A housing deposit is required and will be paid upon arrival in Florence during orientation. This refundable deposit is requested by the housing provider to be guaranteed against damages or other issues from the tenant. Students that leave their apartments dirty will be charged. Excessive use of gas/electricity and/or required extra cleaning will result in additional charges. Extra charges will be deducted from the housing deposit. Students will be responsible for any damages to their apartment or its furnishing.

Students will not receive their housing assignments until their arrival in Florence. Please do not expect to have access to your apartment prior to the first day of orientation. If you arrive in Florence before that day, you must make other accommodation arrangements. There are no exceptions. Please note that housing between terms is not provided. No pets are allowed in Firenze Arti Visive housing.