Other Costs

Other Costs and Information

There are additional class/lab, housing, and permit of stay fees not included in the total program cost. Please review these costs on the forms download page.


Program payment made to Firenze Arti Visive after an offer of admission indicates an agreement and acceptance of the program refund policies. Cancellation and/or withdrawal from Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts must be made in writing. Students who wish to cancel their enrollment at Firenze Arti Visive prior to the start of the semester will receive a refund according to payments received on the student invoice. Students who cancel six days prior to the start of the term or after the first day of the semester as written on the Firenze Arti Visive invoice are not eligible for any refund of the program cost, (students may be charged for excessive damage of the apartment as determined by the housing director). Students may be allowed to transfer the program cost only to a future term with the approval of the administration. Firenze Arti Visive application processing fee and program placement deposit is non-refundable and is therefore not shown on the invoice refund policy. Students attending multiple semesters are subject to this policy for all semesters of study. In addition, each student is held liable for all costs associated with the collection of his or her past-due account including, but not restricted to, legal fees and court costs.


Firenze Arti Visive will not issue grades, release transcripts, provide a certificate or other documentation for any student whose account shows a balance due for current and/or previous semesters.