On-site support

As an Italian institution with an experienced staff plugged into the Italo-Euro scene, they will be able to give you first hand information so you may get the most from living and studying abroad. Upon arrival there is an extensive orientation session to provide you with the information you want and will need to know how to prepare yourself for a fulfilling experience at Firenze Arti Visive and living in Florence. Staff emmbers will be available to assist you with any difficulties or questions, which may come up during your stay in Florence. During the first weeks of the program we will help students get settled in apartments and to make a smooth transition into the local culture. As academic and financial aid issues arise we will act as a liaison between you and the administration of your home school. Firenze Arti Visive will be able to assist you with individal attention taking a personal interest and concern for your well being. Throughout the term Firenze Arti Visive organizes a wide range of social and cultural activities.